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Error with imwrite which appears to be toolbox code issue

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Scott 2019 年 8 月 26 日
コメント済み: Walter Roberson 2019 年 10 月 10 日
I am getting an intermittent error on code within imwrite:
Error: File: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019a\toolbox\matlab\imagesci\imwrite.m Line: 479 Column: 16
Arguments to IMPORT must either end with ".*" or else specify a fully qualified class name: "matlab.virtualfileio.internal.validators.validateCloudEnvVariables" fails this test.
The imwrite is being called within a loop and isn't failing every time. I can't detect a pattern. Here's the call:
imwrite(parameterarea, fullfile('\\R5011655', 'Problems', ['LOWCONFIDENCE_' strip(basename) strip(ext) '_' char(string(i)) '.png']));
I'm not familiar with what the error message is talking about, so I don't really know the first step to fixing this, or if it is even something I can address from my end.
I'm running MATLAB R2019a Update 4 (, 64-bit(win64).
Thanks for any ideas.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019 年 10 月 10 日


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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar 2019 年 8 月 29 日
The error you are facing is due to some fault while configuring the path or compatibility issue among output file format and supported data bit.
You can go through following code that might help you
close all
clear all
load clown.mat;
parameterarea= uint8(X);
imwrite(parameterarea, fullfile(['LOWCONFIDENCE_' strip(basename) strip(ext) '_' char(string(i)) '.png']));

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Scott 2019 年 10 月 10 日
Thank you for the response, but I am struggling to get value from it.
I tried the code you included and it ran without issue, creating the image file in a grayscale format.
I just ran into the IMPORT error again, hence came looking for any further guidance. Is there anything more you can suggest to check? It sure looks like a MATLAB-internal error to me....






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