anyway to transfer data from matlab workspace to appdesigner

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Yu Li
Yu Li 2019 年 8 月 21 日
コメント済み: haobo zhang 2022 年 5 月 5 日
I want to develop an app based on the data in the workspace. is there anyway to do it like 'cftool'? i.e. once I open the app, the list of variable in workspace are available :

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade 2019 年 8 月 26 日
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haobo zhang
haobo zhang 2022 年 5 月 5 日
I've got one way, you can try:
variable_names = evalin('base','who');
It'll return a cell array of the variable names in the workspace, then you can load specific data like this:
first_data = evalin('base', variable_names{1});



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