Develop a signal from a MATLAB block with a different sample rate

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I have a MATLAB function block with the sample time of 0.2 ms. In each 0.2 ms I want to build a 200*1 matrix in output that in steps of 1 us one of the matrix elemens are read and given to another block. How can I make such a signal?


Siriniharika Katukam
Siriniharika Katukam 2019 年 8 月 9 日
You can run the MATLAB function block at a sample time of 0.2ms by setting the solver step size to 0.0002 seconds (create 200 x 1 matrix). For other tasks to run at 1us sample time, you can add a model referenced block, and set its sample time to 0.000001 seconds (read elements and pass on). This way you can have blocks running at two different sample times.

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