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Non inverting Schmitt Trigger

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Rohan Sanghavi
Rohan Sanghavi 2019 年 6 月 15 日
回答済み: Vishnu Vardhan 2019 年 6 月 15 日
Hello everyone Can you please help me code a non inverting Schmitt trigger in matlab

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Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan 2019 年 6 月 15 日
Hi Rohan,
I can suggest you a way to get code for Schmitt trigger. There is feature called Code generation in MATLAB , with this you can get a C code for the Schmitt trigger block available in SIMULINK.
With this way you cannot get the code completely but you can get the logic how it is implemented and start writing your own code which may serve your purpose.
This link might help you to get started.

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