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How can i enter the input in MATLAB GUI ?

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Yusuf Oguzhan Turgut
Yusuf Oguzhan Turgut 2019 年 5 月 30 日
コメント済み: Rik 2019 年 7 月 2 日
Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to design a gui. In GUI, MATLAB will give random 5 characters and user will enter the same 5 characters. How can i enter the input in MATLAB ? I used Edit Text but it won't work.

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Yusuf Oguzhan Turgut
Yusuf Oguzhan Turgut 2019 年 5 月 30 日
SymbolsShift={'"' '!' char(39) '^' '+' '%' '&' '/' '(' ')' '=' '?' '_'};
SymbolsAltGr={'@' '#' '$' '{' '[' ']' '}' char(92)};
SymbolsNormal={'*' '-'} ;
SymbolsDown={'<' '>' '.' ':' '|'};
SymbolsNumber={'1' '2' '3' '4' '5' '6' '7' '8' '9' '0'};
if allNumbers==1
allSymbols=[SymbolsShift SymbolsAltGr SymbolsNormal SymbolsDown];
% % % % actualCell={char(92) char(92) char(39) char(39) char(92)};
forScreen = [];
for jj=1:M
if ismember(jj,backSlashes)
set(handles.q1,'String', char(forScreen(1)));
set(handles.q2,'String', char(forScreen(2)));
set(handles.q3,'String', char(forScreen(3)));
set(handles.q4,'String', char(forScreen(4)));
set(handles.q5,'String', char(forScreen(5)));
This code will give random character to the output. However, User will enter the same characters. And GUI will check the size first, after that it will display in another blank. I cannot do that.
Rik 2019 年 5 月 30 日
How should the user be entering characters?
And please use the layout tools when posting a comment.
Jan 2019 年 7 月 1 日
@Yusuf: "I used Edit Text but it won't work." - please mention any details about the problem. " I cannot do that" does not reveal also, what the actual problem is.
By the way, a simplification:
actualCell = allSymbols(randi([1, numel(allSymbols)], M, 1);
% I do not understand, why you replace \ by \\, but this is easier:
forScreen = strrep(actualCell, char(92), '\\');
set(handles.q1, 'String', forScreen{1});
set(handles.q2, 'String', forScreen{2});
set(handles.q3, 'String', forScreen{3});
set(handles.q4, 'String', forScreen{4});
set(handles.q5, 'String', forScreen{5});


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Murugan C
Murugan C 2019 年 7 月 1 日
Hi Yusuf, I have created simple layout for your queris. I hope this attached gui files should resolve your issue. If it is not, please post your full code or attach your files.

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Adam 2019 年 7 月 1 日
I agree that giving opinions about a best approach is good, I just think statements as strong as 'You shouldn't be using GUIDE' imply that the user is doing something fundamentally wrong rather than just something that may be considered to not be the best way to create a GUI.
It's certainly good to give a guide to creating a programmatic UI, but it is easy to overestimate how easy it is for a new user to follow when you are so used to doing it yourself. For example, the biggest issue I always have with programmatic GUIs is positioning the components - having to give exact positions for every component you add is not a trivial task. So much so I never do it and always use the GUI Layout Toolbox and its layouts instead, but they certainly take time to make work correctly.
For a new user creating a GUI having a canvas style place to build your UI by just dragging controls across onto the canvas is quick and intuitive and can be done in a few minutes, depending how the controls are arranged (obviously things like a grid of buttons lend themselves far better to programmatic placement anyway). What comes after that is admittedly questionable, although I am continually surprised by the number of problems people have with GUIDE (though again that is probably because I have used it for over 10 years). It's not intuitive if you don't read a couple of vital help pages, but if you do it is simple.
So then there's app designer. Maybe for people new to GUIs this is the ideal. For me as an experienced GUI designer it has numerous unacceptable flaws, but they are mostly advanced issues (last time I checked) - editor formatting options not matching the main editor, having sections of code uneditable, being unable to name the object itself anything other than 'app', being unable to re-order property or method blocks to my taste, etc, etc. Worst of all, app designer makes all UI components un-editably public properties which I find appalling! These things just make me rage quit when I try to build an app in app designer, but new people not used to building GUIs in fully editable classes maybe wouldn't care.
Jan 2019 年 7 月 2 日
I prefer to create GUIs programmatically, because then I have full control and the GUIs are working under Matlab 7.0 to 2019a without incompatibilities (with some limitations, e.g. that the graphic handles are not assumed to be doubles and no string classes are used). I keep the actual computations separated from the GUI code to allow for an easier maintenance.
My GUIs get some default parameters from a specific function, e.g. fonts, scaling factors, color schemes and default positions, e.g. the last used position with an automatic reset if a 2nd monitor has been switched off.
For a beginner this method would be an overkill. GUIDE and AppDesigner let you create a GUI much faster and with less groundwork. The drawback of incompatibilities between different Matlab versions and the limited possibilities are less important than. If you want to create one or three GUIs, GUIDE and AppDesigner are efficient. For a professional programmer and for 72 GUIs, these tools are too dull. The differentiation is easy:
How much programming time does it cost until the GUIs do, what you need?
Or in other words: You should use GUIDE, if it solves your problem efficiently, and vice-versa.
Rik 2019 年 7 月 2 日
Maybe I should write GUIDE2.0 some day, then I could suggest using that for the cases where you want rapid prototyping. Functions like the one you describe for default parameters would be ideal. A function like the one below can also be useful in building a GUI, but they look intimidating really quickly.
But let's be realistic: that is a huge amount of work, so I probably won't actually do it. Maybe if there are other people willing to participate in the effort. I suspect our time is more helpfully spent on this forum than on creating GUIDE2.0.
function fig=blank_figure(varargin)
%Create a blank figure that has no fancy controls or menus.
% Inputs are piped to figure(), so all the normal syntaxes are supported.
% Creating a figure without bells and whistles is especially useful if you
% want a robust way to generate an image without the possibility of user
% interaction leading to unexpected behavior.
% Another use case is the creation of a GUI, where it is better to manually
% add back any extra controls that the required releases support.
% This function is compatible with all Matlab releases
% To remove the new interactions (introduced in R2018b), we need to use
% some tricks.
% Use eval to trick the syntax checking in ML6.5 (both the ~ and the @ trip
% up the syntax checker).
% Using evalc ensures that you can group functions in a single anonymous
% function that otherwise have no output (as neither set() nor
% disableDefaultInteractivity() have output arguments).
persistent defaultAxesCreateFcn
if isempty(defaultAxesCreateFcn)
%We only need to modify the creator function on >=R2018b
try %#ok if verLessThan is missing verLessThan would have returned true
if ~verLessThan('matlab','9.5')
set(fig,'defaultAxesCreateFcn', ...
%remmove other controls to ensure a blank figure



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