How to extract latlon from the .TIFF file?

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UTKARSH VERMA 2019 年 4 月 17 日
I have a LULC map as in .TIF/TIFF format, using its defined class in different colors I want to extract points (from another file which is shapefile) which lie over it.
I have used these two method/code but got error in each case:
info = geotiffinfo('IGP_LULC.tif');
[x,y] = pix2map(info.RefMatrix, 1, 1);
[lat,lon] = projinv(info, x,y)
error in using projinv
height = info.Height; % Integer indicating the height of the image in pixels
width = info.Width; % Integer indicating the width of the image in pixels
[rows,cols] = meshgrid(1:height,1:width);
% Getting the latitude and longitude of the points
[x,y] = pix2map(info.RefMatrix, rows, cols);
[lat,lon] = projinv(info, y,x);
error of memory

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