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Calling function with set parameters

Jucimar Carpe さんによって質問されました 2019 年 4 月 1 日
最新アクティビティ Jucimar Carpe さんによって コメントされました 2019 年 4 月 1 日
Hi, i'm working on GUI and everytihgn is working fine!
Inside of my script i have i have to enter with some parameters and press "calculate" this will show me the results of my calculation in some box. But first of all, the user must choose one option from a list box. This wil give diferents results in that box.
The problem is that i want to reduce my script, many times i have wrote the same arguments for diferents situations...How can i do? See that i'm using set function!
if (polar==1);
set(handles.corrente_Ia0,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Ia0), '/', (180*angle(Ia0))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_Ia1,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Ia1), '/', (180*angle(Ia1))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_Ia2,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Ia2), '/', (180*angle(Ia2))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_IA,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(IA), '/', (180*angle(IA))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_IB,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(IB), '/', (180*angle(IB))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_IC,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(IC), '/', (180*angle(IC))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_Va0_pu,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Va0), '/', (180*angle(Va0))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_Va1_pu,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Va1), '/', (180*angle(Va1))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_Va2_pu,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Va2), '/', (180*angle(Va2))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_VA,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(VA_fase), '/', (180*angle(VA_fase))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_VB,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(VB_fase),'/', (180*angle(VB_fase))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_VC,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(VC_fase), '/', (180*angle(VC_fase))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_Icc,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(Icc), '/', (180*angle(Icc))/pi))
set(handles.tensao_aterramento,'String',sprintf('%g %s %gº', abs(V_aterramento), '/', (180*angle(V_aterramento))/pi))
set(handles.corrente_Ia0,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Ia0), imag(Ia0)))
set(handles.corrente_Ia1,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Ia1), imag(Ia1)))
set(handles.corrente_Ia2,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Ia2), imag(Ia2)))
set(handles.corrente_IA,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(IA), imag(IA)))
set(handles.corrente_IB,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(IB), imag(IB)))
set(handles.corrente_IC,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(IC), imag(IC)))
set(handles.tensao_Va0_pu,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Va0), imag(Va0)))
set(handles.tensao_Va1_pu,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Va1), imag(Va1)))
set(handles.tensao_Va2_pu,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(Va2), imag(Va2)))
set(handles.tensao_VA,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(VA_fase), imag(VA_fase)))
set(handles.tensao_VB,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(VB_fase), imag(VB_fase)))
set(handles.tensao_VC,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(VC_fase), imag(VC_fase)))
set(handles.tensao_aterramento,'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(V_aterramento), imag(V_aterramento)))

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Kevin Phung
回答者: Kevin Phung
2019 年 4 月 1 日

You can put all those graphic objects into an array, same for the strings and other parameters. then use a forloop.
short example:
g = [handles.corrente_Ia0 handles.corrente_Ia1 handles.corrente_Ia2];
I = [Ia0 Ia1 Ia2];
for i = 1:numel(g)
set(g(i),'String',sprintf('%g%+gi', real(I(i)), imag(I(i))));

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Jucimar Carpe 2019 年 4 月 1 日
Perfect!!! It' works as it should!
Do you think it will work with the same idea but applying for "quiver" command? like above...
Kevin Phung
2019 年 4 月 1 日
yep, for loops should do all the repetitive work for you.The tricky part is storing your data and indexing properly.
Jucimar Carpe 2019 年 4 月 1 日
Yeah that's great! it worked!

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