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plot a square into a square

pasta pontikaki さんによって質問されました 2019 年 2 月 20 日
最新アクティビティ KSSV
さんによって 編集されました 2019 年 2 月 20 日
Hi i have an image lets say 400x600 and i plot the green rectangle with x1=101,y1=101 and widthGreen=200,heigthGreen=200.
Then i want to display the blue rectangle IN the green also with x2=101,y2=101 and widthBlue=50,heigthBlue=50.
The problem is that the green square has as reference system the original image the samedoes the blue.
But i want the blue square have as reference system the green square.
The right position of the blue square lets say is down to the right.
Any suggestions on how to do this?

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回答者: KSSV
2019 年 2 月 20 日
編集済み: KSSV
2019 年 2 月 20 日

x2 = x1+width ;
y2 = y1+height ;

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2019 年 2 月 20 日
pasta pontikaki 2019 年 2 月 20 日
Din't work exactly but i change it a bit and it worked, thank you very much
2019 年 2 月 20 日
May be you have to intechange widht and height.....
x2 = x1+height ;
y2 = y1+width ;

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