Change page size when exporting MATLAB Live Script to PDF

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Martin Evans
Martin Evans 2018 年 11 月 5 日
編集済み: Nick Kimber 2020 年 9 月 2 日
I'm trying to export a MATLAB Live Script to PDF format at A4 size. Both export to PDF and Save As PDF produce a different page size (I guess US letter). Is there any way of exporting to an A4 page PDF?
I can produce an A4 document by printing to PDF, but some of the text comes out looking odd, especially lower-case "L"s. I assume this because printing converts to raster rather than vector graphics.

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Prakhar Jain
Prakhar Jain 2018 年 11 月 13 日
Hi Martin,
I suggest you to kindly look at this and see if this helps.
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Nick Kimber
Nick Kimber 2020 年 9 月 2 日
編集済み: Nick Kimber 2020 年 9 月 2 日
Same issue - anyone found an answer yet?
Update: looks like the answer might be to upgrade (I was on 2108b)



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