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Checking if two box plots are significantly different or not.

Hari krishnan さんによって質問されました 2018 年 10 月 28 日
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I made a boxplot in matlab for my sample data sets. What i want to see if the data is if the sample data is significantly different from each other. Can anyone give me an idea on how to proceed?

load_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest = 'threhold_time_for_all_goodnest.xlsx';
load_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest = 'threhold_time_for_all_poornest.xlsx';
data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest = xlsread(load_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest);
data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest = xlsread(load_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest);
required_data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest = data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest(:,2);
required_data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest = data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest(:,2);
x1 = required_data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_gdnest; 
x2 = required_data_threhold_time_for_recruitment_bdnest; 
x = [x1 ;x2];
g = [ones(size(x1)); 2*ones(size(x2))];
boxplot(x,g,'Labels',{'Good nest (1 lux)','Poor nest (16 lux)'});

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Image Analyst
2018 年 10 月 28 日
It might be easier for people to help you if you attached the two workbooks.
Say, have you read this link yet?

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