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Round towards specific values in an array

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Rob 2011 年 3 月 29 日
Hi, when I have 2 vectors, one vector has a larger length than the other. But they both have values that are approximately the same. Now I want to round and locate each element of the large vector in the short vector. So, for example:
A = [2000 1999 1998 1996 1993 .... 0] (dim=1 x a)
B = [2000 1995 1990 1985 1980 .... 0] (dim=1 x b)
I would now like to see that for example {2000 1999 1998} of A are rounded to {2000} in B and {1996 1993} in A to {1995} in B so that I can find the index of an element in B that corresponds to one (or more) rounded values in A.
I can imagine that you can do this with some kind of for-loop, but preferably I do not use that since it will become a nested loop and will cost a lot of computation time.
THanks a lot

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Teja Muppirala
Teja Muppirala 2011 年 3 月 29 日
This is one possible solution. If your vectors are very long though, this might be inefficient because it temporarily makes a big matrix to calculate all the differences.
A = -5 + 35*rand(1,100);
B = 0:5:25;
[~,I] = min(abs(bsxfun(@minus,A,B')));
Anew = B(I);
[A; Anew]

Tom Gaudette
Tom Gaudette 2011 年 3 月 29 日
% This solutions currently does it with loops just to get a picture of the problem.
A = [2000 1999 1998 1996 1993 1990];
B = [2000 1995 1990 1985 1980];
for idx1=1:length(A);
for idx2=1:length(B);
% Now find the index of the min values
% 'i' now contants the list of locations in B that corespond to the nearest
% A value

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