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what a sign for this error ?

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Muhammad Dzul  Akbar
Muhammad Dzul Akbar 2018 年 8 月 29 日
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Hello guys
does anyone know which part is wrong?
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Greg 2018 年 8 月 30 日
What does
which xlsread

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Greg 2018 年 8 月 29 日
There's not a lot to go on, but my only guess is you don't have MS Office Excel installed on a Windows machine. Without Excel installed, xlsread operates in 'basic' mode, which does not support the numeric worksheet input. Considering no sheet number input defaults to the first worksheet, simply try:
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Greg 2018 年 8 月 30 日
編集済み: Greg 2018 年 8 月 30 日
"Also xlsread will not work if the file is opened in Excel."
I just tested that explicitly this morning and it does in fact work. At least with whatever edition of Excel I have (2013? maybe), and R2017b on Win10.
I also checked having a file with no worksheets, but Excel won't let you do that. Maybe if some other application created a .xls file with no sheets...

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