How to have multiple seeds for random generation in Simulink?

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Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz 2018 年 8 月 24 日
回答済み: TAB 2018 年 8 月 24 日
I have a model in Simulink that uses the `Random Number` block. This `Random Number` block uses a `Seed` value for the generation of random values. Now if I have multiple copies of my model:
|-----> child_1.slx (Random Number block inside)
|-----> child_2.slx (Random Number block inside)
|-----> child_3.slx (Random Number block inside)
How can I set the `Seed` of `Random Number` to be different in each copy?


TAB 2018 年 8 月 24 日
  1. In Child model --> Create Model parameter for seed.
  2. In "Model Block" in Parent model --> Pass the seed value in "Model Argument" field

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