Error using layerGraph in Neural Network toolbox

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Gerard Bailly
Gerard Bailly 2018 年 6 月 26 日
回答済み: John Smith 2019 年 1 月 15 日
I tried to run the example given in the sequenceInputLayer documentation and plot the layergraph. The error message is unexpected ("Layer array must not contain a sequence input layer"!). What's wrong???
layers = [ ... sequenceInputLayer(12) lstmLayer(100,'OutputMode','last') fullyConnectedLayer(9) softmaxLayer classificationLayer]; lgraph = layerGraph(layers); Error using nnet.internal.cnn.util.validateLayersForLayerGraph (line 28) Layer array must not contain a sequence input layer.
Error in layerGraph>iPostProcessParsingResultsForConstructor (line 86) inputArguments.Layers = nnet.internal.cnn.util.validateLayersForLayerGraph(results.Layers);
Error in layerGraph (line 46) inputArguments = iPostProcessParsingResultsForConstructor(parser.Results);

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John Smith
John Smith 2019 年 1 月 15 日
It's a limitation of Matlab (at least until 2018b).
Documentations says: Layer graphs cannot specify the architecture of long short-term memory (LSTM) networks.





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