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How to update titles and text annotations of subplots located on the same uitab?

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theblueeyeswhitedragon 2018 年 6 月 20 日
編集済み: theblueeyeswhitedragon 2018 年 6 月 20 日
% TAB 1
S.tabH(1) = uitab(S.histoTab, 'Title', 'Error X');
S.P1_histo{1} = subplot(2,2,[1 3], 'Parent', S.tabH(1));
s2.tab1sp1 = hggroup;
S.P1_histo{2} = subplot(2,2,[2 4], 'Parent', S.tabH(1));
s2.tab1sp2 = hggroup;
% TAB 2
S.tabH(2) = uitab(S.histoTab, 'Title', 'Error Y');
S.P2_histo{1} = subplot(2,2,[1 3], 'Parent', S.tabH(2));
title('On Fly');
s2.tab2sp1 = hggroup;
S.P2_histo{2} = subplot(2,2,[2,4], 'Parent', S.tabH(2));
s2.tab2sp2 = hggroup;
%%In the Callback Function
handles = guidata(source);
currentTab = find(source.SelectedTab == S.tabH);
switch currentTab
case 1
if ~isempty(handles.R_Site_X_Static_NM_DRF)
histogram(handles.R_Site_X_Static_NM_DRF, 'parent',s2.tab1sp2);
ThreeSig_X_S = 3 * std(handles.R_Site_X_Static_NM_DRF);
stringH1 = strcat({'Static, '},{'3sig: '}, {num2str(ThreeSig_X_S)});
title(S.P1_histo{1}, 'Static');
text(S.P1_histo{1},0, 200, stringH1);
if ~isempty(handles.R_Site_X_OnFly_NM_DRF)
histogram(handles.R_Site_X_OnFly_NM_DRF, 'parent', s2.tab1sp1);
ThreeSig_X_OF = round(3 * std(handles.R_Site_X_OnFly_NM_DRF),3);
stringH2 = strcat({'3sig: '}, {num2str(ThreeSig_X_OF)});
title(S.P1_histo{2}, 'On Fly');
text(S.P1_histo{2},0.2, 130, stringH2, 'FontWeight', 'Bold');
case 2
I am getting the title and text annotation only for the second subplot of tab 1. When debugging the code line by line, I get the title and text for the first subplot too, but it later disappears.

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