The documentation for the Simulink Generic Battery Model seems wrong

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Brian Cluggish
Brian Cluggish 2018 年 6 月 18 日
コメント済み: Brian Cluggish 2018 年 6 月 21 日
I have found at least 3 errors in the documentation for the Simulink generic battery model.
1) In the diagram, f1 and f2 are shown as the functions describing charge and discharge, but in the text it is the reverse
2) The parameter "K" is shown as having units of 1/Ah. This is incorrect. The original paper ( gives its units as V/Ah.
3) Most importantly, functions f1 and f2 depend on "it" and "i*", which have dimensions of Ah and A, respectively. However, these 2 variables are treated on the same footing in the equations for f1 and f2, so that the dimensions of their respective terms are not consistent. If this is true in the code as well then the model is incorrect. This error is present in the original paper as well. This paper ( references the original paper, and replaces "it" with "i(t)" to get the dimensions consistent. However, they also keep the units of "K" as V/Ah. which would give the "i(t)" and "i*" terms units of V/h, which can't be correct.
I would like to report this problem to Mathworks, but when I click on the "report a bug" link ( I get redirected to login to "salesforce." I don't have a salesforce account, nor do I want one. Anyone know how to report problems to Mathworks?

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Greg 2018 年 6 月 19 日
That bug report link asks me to log into my MathWorks account, and doesn't say anything about SalesForce. After logging in, there's a brief re-direct where you can see that SalesForce is providing the service, but you don't need a SalesForce account.
Try logging into your MathWorks account (even if the page says SalesForce) and see what happens. If you're already logged into MATLAB Answers, it should take you straight to the bug report page.
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Brian Cluggish
Brian Cluggish 2018 年 6 月 21 日
Thanks. Apparently the link didn't work for me because of all the layers of "security" on my work computer. I tried the link on my home computer and was able to submit a bug report.



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