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How to run a model on a speedgoat baseline, without beeing connected to the hardware via ethernet (autostart of the model when real time target is powered on)

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Olivier 2018 年 6 月 7 日
編集済み: Walter Roberson 2018 年 6 月 12 日
Hello, We just bought a speedgoat baseline in my company. Regarding the documentation/examples, I was able to create a simulink model with scopes on target and file data acquisition also on target. To start the simulation on target I use the simulink real time explorer, and I need to press the play button on the application once it has been built. Now I would like to run the simulation without host connected to the target. I think I need to change the boot mode, but I'm not sure.
  1. Is the boot mode stand alone the correct way to do it (copying the 4 generated files on the target c:\)
  2. Or maybe using a USB key with the model (I tried removable disk mode, but I'm unable to create a boot disk - it says no removable devices found, with the usb key connected to any of the 3 usb ports on the hardware and usb support is checked in the target settings)

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 2018 年 6 月 11 日
編集済み: Walter Roberson 2018 年 6 月 12 日
Hi Olivier,
For using Standalone mode with Speedgoat target machines, please follow the instructions from the Speedgoat documentation;
It is important that you do not copy the 4 generated files to the target main drive.
Thanks, Diego

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