how to update parameters from simulink model to the workspace and use it again during the simulink running??

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hello.... i have a simulink model with a Parameter dialogs to configure the parameters for the model and it will create three parameter structures in the base workspace.After run the simulation i need to make update to these structure and continue to use these parameters in the simulink with updataed version without stop the there any way to do that??.......thanks

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TAB 2018 年 5 月 28 日
Simulink evaluates the parameters at compilation phase only. Once the simulation started, parameters changes in base workspace won't be visible to simulink.
If it is tunable parameter then you change its value from Matlab command line during simulation.
For example, to change the value of constant block during simulation, use command:
set_param('your_block_path', 'Value', '500')


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