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Combine a number of .mlapp files into a single .mlapp file

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pavlos 2018 年 3 月 3 日
回答済み: Melissa Williams 2018 年 3 月 16 日
Please help me with the following.
I have a number of .mlapp files created by App Designer, for example
File1.mlapp File2.mlapp File3.mlapp
Is there a way to combine the above files into 1 file for distribution?
I need a general window/file that allows the user should select File1 or File2 or File3 and executed it.
The user should not have access to the code (codeview window in the App Designer).
Thank you.
Best Pavlos

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams 2018 年 3 月 16 日
You can create a 4th App Designer app with 3 buttons on it and then write the callback for each to launch the specific individual apps. You should then be able to package that using the share button in App Designer.


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