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Distance formula using while loop

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PetronasAMG 2018 年 2 月 2 日
編集済み: Jan 2018 年 2 月 4 日
so i given a data file, I was able to call in these values into Matlab input
these cells are empty because user chooses what values to input I have to call out 5 values for each column fo i (Xa,Ya,Xb,Yb, and t) so will using
while i <= 8
Di = sqrt((Xb-Xa)^2+(Yb-Ya)^2))
will this code give me D1 to D8? also how would I be able to multiple each t(i) into to corresponding Dis???


Jan 2018 年 2 月 4 日
編集済み: Jan 2018 年 2 月 4 日
Do not create a set of variables called "D1, D2, ...". See
and with much more details:
This is more efficient (posted by Youssef already):
D = sqrt((Xb - Xa) .^ 2 + (Yb - Ya) .^ 2))
Then use D(2), D(2), ... instead of D1, D2, ...

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou 2018 年 2 月 2 日
In the given formulae, are the variables vectors? if it is the case, then you need to use index in the loop for each variable to select the ith value at ith iteration:
while ii<=8
in compact form you can directly compute the distance using element wise operation:
to multiply each value of D with its corresonding value of t use the compact form:


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