How to display diagnostic warning message in SFunction

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Wesley Lao
Wesley Lao 2018 年 1 月 31 日
回答済み: Jyotish Robin 2018 年 2 月 9 日
I have an Sfunction and I would like to display a warning message in the diagnostic viewer. I called
ssWarning(Simstruct *S, const char* message) within mdlOutput.
The message shows up in the diagnostic viewer but it is displayed as info message, not warning message. If you filter out info message in the diagnostic viewer, it went away.
My question is how you could display a message as warning instead of info.
BTW, ssSetErrorStatus and ssPrintf works fine.

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Jyotish Robin
Jyotish Robin 2018 年 2 月 9 日
I am not able to reproduce this behavior on my end. The documentation page for ssWarning shows an example "sfcndemo_sfun_dynsize", which contains an S-function "sfun_dynsize" that uses ssWarning.
When you disconnect the input port to the S-function and do a model update, it indeed throws yellow warning messages in the Diagnostic Viewer. Everything works as expected.

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