Is it possible to join pdf files with MATLAB?

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Mr M.
Mr M. 2017 年 12 月 29 日
編集済み: Franco Dave 2021 年 11 月 22 日
Is it possible to join pdf outputs (plots or pictures/images) into a single pdf file with MATLAB?
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Jennifer Toney
Jennifer Toney 2021 年 8 月 31 日
how do you do that with 2 scritp files?



Rik 2017 年 12 月 29 日
I don't know an easy way with Matlab, but you can trivially solve this with pdfLaTeX. You can even build this file with Matlab.
(the pages=- switch means that it will include all pages, not just the first)
Save this as a .tex file, install MikTeX (or any other package manager) and run pdflatex your_file_name.tex in your command prompt (or with system from Matlab)

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Jan 2017 年 12 月 29 日
What are the inputs? Existing PDF files or a set of figures? For the latter, you can print to a PS file with the '-append' flag at first and use the free GhostScript to convert the PS to a PDF file. This is done e.g. in the famous export_fig also.
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Mr M.
Mr M. 2018 年 4 月 5 日
raster images, but I want to control the pdf image representation and compression


Nikhil Sapre
Nikhil Sapre 2021 年 11 月 10 日
Release 2021b now supports exporting to a multipage pdf using the exportgraphics function

Abhishek Shahi
Abhishek Shahi 2021 年 8 月 31 日
if you intend you merge several pdf files into one, use my code pdfmerge.


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