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Plotting 3D stacked bar graph with 4D data

Ketan Bajaj さんによって質問されました 2017 年 12 月 26 日
最新アクティビティ Prabhu
さんによって 回答されました 2019 年 4 月 17 日
I'm trying to make a 3D stacked bar graph from a 4-column matrix or 4D array (let's call the columns x-y-z-e). For any x-y-e combo, there are multiple z values (sort of like a stacked 3D bar graph). I want to make a plot where the Z values are a gradient, instead of discrete stacks and e as a color scale
Here's an example from different software... I'm having trouble replicating it.
Thanks for any help, and apologies if this solution is out there and I have simply missed it

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2017 年 12 月 26 日
Ketan Bajaj 2017 年 12 月 26 日
I have 4D matrix, bar3 uses 2D to plot
Jessica Feenstra 2019 年 2 月 12 日
Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I need to do the same thing...same deaggregation plot of mag, dist, and epsilon.

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回答者: Prabhu
2019 年 4 月 17 日

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