Matlab, how to create non linear curve from random data?

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uncung fgv
uncung fgv 2012 年 4 月 22 日
example i have data
x=linspace(4,6,7) %data x from 4 until 6 with 7 elements
i will create hiperbolik data or non linear randomly in matlab

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2012 年 4 月 22 日
curvedegree = 2; %set as desired
coeffs = polyfit(x, y, curvedegree);
plot(x, polyval(coeffs, x)); %plot fitted y
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Jan 2012 年 4 月 23 日
Because you fit a parabola to a line.
Where are the random data you are talking of in the subject line?
What about: y = rand(size(x))?


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