updating an sql lite database on my macbook delete and insert

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Charles 2017 年 8 月 28 日
コメント済み: Charles 2017 年 8 月 31 日
Hi I wish to update an SQL Lite database file in Matlab on my macbook I understand sql lite has limitations. The replace function does not work. It seems I can merely insert.
The sql lite database already exists. My workflow is
1. retrieve new data for previous 2 period and latest period into Matlab from external data source as a cell array. Thus I will have three rows of data
2. Delete last three rows of data in designated table.
3. insert new data (3 rows) into designated table.
Is there a replace function I can use, or can I really only use insert
my syntax for insert looks like so, where VolumeTable is the designated table, and New_datavoldt is the new data I wish to insert
insert(conn, 'VolumeTable', {'Dates','AUD_CAD', 'AUD_CHF','AUD_HKD','AUD_JPY'}, New_datavoldt(2:end,:))
How do I delete the last three rows before Insert, and is this the best way to achieve mt objective using an SQL Lite file/database

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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy 2017 年 8 月 31 日
The MATLAB interface to SQLite supports the insert function only. https://www.mathworks.com/help/database/ug/inserting-data-using-command-line.html
Please refer the following document that describes about how to insert data from MATLAB into the SQLite database- https://www.mathworks.com/help/database/ug/insert.html
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Charles 2017 年 8 月 31 日
Are there other options as I need full functionality


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