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Why do the Stereo Camera position not correspond with the "TranslationofCamera2" values ?

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Goku 2017 年 8 月 21 日
コメント済み: Walter Roberson 2021 年 4 月 15 日
The calibrator app calibrates the stereo camera and output the extrinsic visualization as follows:
Which is very close to my real setup. As you can see from the image. The second camera translation can be approximated at [50 -11 -2]. Whereas the value that shows in my StereoParams object is "stereoParams.TranslationOfCamera2 = [-51.45 0.68 9.81]". Why is there the negative in X axis and other values? This does not make sense. Could anyone help me with this?

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan 2017 年 8 月 23 日
編集済み: Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan 2017 年 8 月 23 日
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The values that you are comparing are of different context in meaning and does not correspond to each other. The values you see in the figure are the co-ordinates of the selected point in camera 2. Where as, TranslationOfCamera2 is the translation of camera 2 relative to camera 1 in world units. The negative X value denotes the translation of camera 2 to the right of camera 1 (from the viewer's perspective).
Refer to the following documentation for the same info:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021 年 4 月 15 日
which coordinate system is translationOfCamera2 defined?I think it should be defined in the camera1-based world coordinate system.


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