Does Embedded Coder support Ada?

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Does Embedded Coder support Ada?


MathWorks Embedded Coder Team
MathWorks Embedded Coder Team 2017 年 8 月 7 日
編集済み: MathWorks Embedded Coder Team 2017 年 8 月 7 日
Embedded Coder supports C and C++, including MISRA-C and AUTOSAR.
As such, all Embedded Coder users generate C/C++ including an wide variety of certified flight code programs such as those listed on the DO-178 solutions page
MISRA-C is frequently also used in such programs and aerospace publications note it’s use as a de facto safety-critical standard: Aerospace and Defense Tech article
With Model-Based Design, the focus is the language used for the model, so the code output language is less important than for hand coding approaches. Thus, the benefit to Embedded Coder users with C/C++, is that compiler and processor support is much greater and it is much easier to find engineers with C/C++ knowledge as illustrated in language popularity rankings: Tiobe Index
MathWorks is able to support requests for additional code generation output languages, so please contact your MathWorks representative if you have additional code generation language needs.

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