Registration Estimator can not register the images

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Nut 2017 年 6 月 14 日
I'm trying to use the Registration Estimator of the Computer Vision System Toolbox to register two images, named fixed and moving, having the following dimensions:
fixed: 1024x8642
moving: 1024x100
I get a very good alignment with the following settings:
Feature: SURF
Transformation: Similarity
Number of Detected Features: I keep the default value
Quality of Matched Features: I set this near to the maximum
Has Rotation: yes
I obtain 15 matched features, but when I click the button "Register Images" the Estimator return the window showed into the attached image. Further increases of the quality of the matched features reduce the number of matched features and evenly do not work.
How can I solve this trouble?
Thanks for your answers.

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