I am using ‘appdesigner’, I would like to programmatically scroll to the bottom of a TextArea, is this possible?

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I am using ‘appdesigner’.
I would like to programmatically scroll to the bottom of a TextArea, is this possible?
My text area is being used a "console log".
Thanks, Gregg

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Michael Corbett
Michael Corbett 2018 年 10 月 12 日
To accomplish a scrolling text area, I did the following:
- Create the Text Area with 3 lines high (or as many as you'd like).
- Create a public consoleObj object using
properties (Access = public)
- On startup, write lines one and two (change to whatever appropriate):
app.consoleObj.line1 = 'Console Started';
app.consoleObj.line2 = 'System ready';
app.consoleObj.line3 = '';
app.ConsoleTextArea.Value = {app.consoleObj.line1;app.consoleObj.line2;app.consoleObj.line3};
- Wrote a function that would replace line1 with line2, line2 with line3, then add the new line3 and display:
methods (Access = public)
function writeConsoleLine(app,lineIn)
app.consoleObj.line1 = app.consoleObj.line2;
app.consoleObj.line2 = app.consoleObj.line3;
app.consoleObj.line3 = lineIn;
app.ConsoleTextArea.Value = {app.consoleObj.line1;app.consoleObj.line2;app.consoleObj.line3};
- Call the function to display the new text.
writeConsoleLine(app,'Pushbutton pressed');
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Jan 2019 年 2 月 14 日
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Samuel Salinas
Samuel Salinas 2020 年 6 月 12 日
I tried the same approach but the "app.ConsoleTextArea.Value" field demands a string scalar or charcater vector, not a cell.
How do I go around this?


Joshua Welsh
Joshua Welsh 2018 年 4 月 16 日

Put your text into a ListBox instead of text area and then use the scroll function:

     scroll(app.ListBox, 'bottom')
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Rayan Alkashgari
Rayan Alkashgari 2019 年 3 月 7 日
This works in Matlab 2018b. Make sure to pause after adding an item then execute:
Cool_CZ 2019 年 3 月 25 日
Thanks Rayan! That works for me(R2018b), just add "drawnow" before above command.


Han Geerligs
Han Geerligs 2017 年 6 月 9 日
Hi Gregg,
I have the same question. Do you have any solution already?
regards, Han

Eric Sargent
Eric Sargent 2020 年 12 月 9 日
As of R2020b uitextarea now supports scroll.
In this case you could use:
scroll(textArea, 'bottom')


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