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ALTERA DE0-NANO Board Support for HDL Coder

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shauk 2017 年 4 月 18 日
回答済み: Ankit Bhardwaj 2017 年 4 月 26 日
I have a DE0-NANO development kit ALTERA. I am using MATLAB 2014b and i have a downloaded the ALTERA FPGA board support package 14.2.0. But in the list of the board i could not find the DE0-NANO board. Do i have to make a custom board to use the DE0-NANO board or the newer version of HDL coder supports the board?

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Ankit Bhardwaj
Ankit Bhardwaj 2017 年 4 月 26 日
The Altera DEO-NANO board is not yet supported. However, you can can still add this board as a custom board and use it. Please refer to the following documentation to learn how to add a new FPGA board.

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