How to choose the best filter for White Noise from the Acceleration Az Signal of a MPU6050 connected to Arduino?

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I have to analyze my Az signal to identify road anomalies, from my MPU6050 connected to Arduino Uno. I have a Civil Engineer background so i am noob on Signal Theory and Filters
On Matlab i Implemented two filter:
  1. Savitzky-Golay
  2. Butterworth
I conducted a static test, recording my signal without perturbation on a table. I obtained the following results.
This is the signal after Butterworth with this cutoff value [b,a]=butter(2, 20/25); (i can't understand the intial peaks)
This is the signal after Butterworth if i remove the first peaks
>> t_butter=time_resampledf1(100:end,:);
This is the signal after Savitzky-Golay Smothing filter with this parameters vsgolay = sgolayfilt(vq1,2,27);
  1. How can i choose the best filter for my purpose?
  2. Why I Have that peaks with the Butterworth Filter?
I thought to implement a pilot test and analize false negatives ad false positives. The standard deviation before/after filtering is a significative measure?
I have a civil engineer background, so is my first time with signal analysis, never studied Signal Theory before.

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