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Cannot connect to my Virtual Machine "Ubuntu 14.04" as a ROS device for code generation. Error At "Test" stage under Hardware Implementation for Simulink Coder

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Jameson 2017 年 3 月 9 日
編集済み: Tohru Kikawada 2019 年 5 月 2 日
Windows 10 Host with Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Machine using VMWare Workstation 12 Player. I have student licence, with Matlab Coder, Simulink Coder, Robotics System Toolbox if that matters. I have setup ROS variables, ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP in my VM's .bashrc file to host ros session, and can access the data successfully from matlab and simulink running on my host Windows 10. I would now like to test code generation, and am following instructions from . In "Configuration Parameters" -> "Hardware Implementation" -> "Build Options" -> "Edit" (Device Address, Username, Password). all are correct, but I receive this error, not sure where to go from here: (removed IP and username for question)
1. Pinging device '-.-.-.-'. Successfully pinged device. --- 2. Establishing connection to device '-.-.-.-' at SSH port 22. Connecting with username '-'. Cannot connect to device. Check that the device address, username, and password are correct.

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Prateek Khandelwal
Prateek Khandelwal 2017 年 3 月 16 日
Can you check if the SSH server is running on your Ubuntu virtual machine ? and if the firewall on the ubuntu allows SSH connections ?


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Tohru Kikawada
Tohru Kikawada 2019 年 5 月 2 日
編集済み: Tohru Kikawada 2019 年 5 月 2 日
You can check the ssh service is running on your Ubuntu with the following command:
sudo service ssh restart
If the service is not running, please install and enable the service as follows:
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
sudo service ssh start
Note that enabling the SSH service may increase security risks on your system, so please be careful.

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