Can I save calculations performed in App Designer to the workspace?

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danbro 2017 年 2 月 10 日
回答済み: Thomas Fournier 2021 年 8 月 11 日
Hi, I am creating an application which performs calculations based on user inputs and plots it on a graph. I would like to add a button that saves or exports the graph data to the MATLAB workspace (alternatively save it as a .mat file in a specified directory). Any ideas on how to do this? /danbro
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Stetson Spencer
Stetson Spencer 2018 年 11 月 21 日
Hey would you mind sending me a link to the thread. I have a similar question also


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Thomas Fournier
Thomas Fournier 2021 年 8 月 11 日
You can use the command "assignin"
for exemple, here is a button's callback that send all the app data to the workspace:
function Send2workspaceButtonPushed(app, event)

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