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How to use matlab to input/output specific words into/from the specific webpage?

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Hello, I am doing some online surveys. Instead of doing that manually and repetitively, I want to write a code to do that for me. To achieve that, I need to: 1. open the specific webpage (I think I can do that with "system" or "web" commands.); 2. fill some blanks with pre-defined words; 3. collect some useful data and store them in to the work-space. (The "urlread" command generates too much data. I only want to collect several specific numbers at the same position of the webpage each time.)
Can Matlab achieve that? If not, what kind of software should I use? Thanks in advance!

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If it's in the same position every time, then a regular expression should be able to capture it. Do you have a small example? If not, look at
doc regexp

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Currently, MATLAB has a function called "webread" apart from "urlread" that can be used to collect information from the webpages. The web service provides a RESTful API that returns data formatted as an internet media type such as JSON, XML, image, or text. You could parse through that information to collect the data needed. Refer to this link for more information on the "webread" command.

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