Is it possible to use models trained with Matlab classification learners outside Matlab, such as in java

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I am using Classification Learners in apps, to classify my data, and it seems bagged trees and Linear SMV does the best prediction. Therefore, I want to export the model trained with these algorithms and use it in my custom Java application. I wonder, is it possible to export the trainedClassifier model outside of Matlab, if it is so, how can I do it? Thank you,

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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy 2016 年 5 月 31 日
Hi Emin,
It is possible to deploy your MATLAB code to a Java platform by writing C wrapping code to enable the generated C code to be used with Java Native Interface (JNI). Please refer to the following link which gives you an example of how to generate C Code from MATLAB for Use with Java Applications -
However, the functions which you have used in the MATLAB code should be Code generable as the code need to be converted to equivalent C Code to use it outside MATLAB. Please refer to the following link which gives you the full list of functions, classes, and System objects for which you can generate C/C++ code -
Regards, Abhisek


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