difference between load and xlsread

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San E
San E 2016 年 5 月 4 日
コメント済み: CS Researcher 2016 年 5 月 5 日
Hi! could someone explain me the difference between load and xlsread? also, how can I create a document that could be used with the command "load" in the future. Thanks!


CS Researcher
CS Researcher 2016 年 5 月 4 日
Short Answer:
'load' is to load a .mat file to the workspace whereas 'xlsread' is to read Excel Spreadsheets.
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CS Researcher
CS Researcher 2016 年 5 月 5 日
When you save the workspace in MATLAB, it is saved as a .mat file. Once you load that .mat file back, it loads all the variables back to the workspace. You can also save selected variables from the workspace to a .mat file. You can find more here: Save Workspace


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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek 2016 年 5 月 4 日


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