How to write in a file, a random string from a cell ?

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Joel Sande
Joel Sande 2016 年 4 月 6 日
編集済み: Walter Roberson 2016 年 4 月 7 日
HI, I would like to know how to solve this: The fprintf doesn't work because of variable conn referring to a cell.
Connect = {'A','I','O'};
r = randi(3);
strength = randi(10);
conn = Connect(r);
dir_file = '\ path..\'; % you should change this to your path
fid = fopen(dir_file, 'a');
fprintf(fid,'%s %s %s\n', num2str(Neighboor), conn, num2str(strength));
% fprintf doesn t work here because of conn referring to a cell
What can I do ??


Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears 2016 年 4 月 6 日
編集済み: Kirby Fears 2016 年 4 月 6 日
As the error indicates, fprintf() does not accept cell inputs. The conn variable is a 1x1 cell while the other inputs are strings.
You can make "conn" a string by extracting the cell contents instead of setting conn equal to a 1x1 cell.
Just change:
conn = Connect(r);
conn = Connect{r};
The curly braces indicate content extraction from the r'th cell of Connect instead of assigning conn to the r'th cell itself.
Hope this helps.
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Joel Sande
Joel Sande 2016 年 4 月 6 日
Thanks a lot !! it works


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