How to output a nested cell array data to .csv or .xls

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micholeodon 2016 年 4 月 5 日
編集済み: Orion 2016 年 4 月 5 日
I would like to ask, how I can output to a .csv or .xls a nested cell array of following form:
- main cell array is of type 1x152 cell
- every of 152 cell is a 1x6 cell of form { 'string', 'string', 'string', 'string', 'string', 1x4096 double}
Output file should consist of 152 lines.
Thanks in advance for help.

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Orion 2016 年 4 月 5 日
編集済み: Orion 2016 年 4 月 5 日
you can't write this kind of variable in one time.
eventually, you can write it in a xls file using a for loop.
something like
for i = 1:length(mydata)
% write the ith component in the ith sheet
xlswrite('result.xlsx',mydata{i},['sheet_' num2str(i)]);
or you can write the first subcell between the columns A to F, then the second subcell between columns G to L, and so on....


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