Change width of the bar figure at waitbar - MATLAB R2015a

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Hari Steri
Hari Steri 2016 年 4 月 1 日
コメント済み: Oriel Nofekh 2020 年 1 月 13 日
How could I control the width of the percentage bar inside a waitbar in Matlab R2015a? I tried using the following command:
childrenWaitb = get(HWait, 'Children') ;
set(childrenWaitb, 'Position',[10.8000 13.5000 320 9]);
It works perfectly in Matlab R2012b, but in R2015a the 'Waitbar' string is placed in the middle, and the percentage bar does not change width at all....
The complete code I used is below:
HWait = waitbar(0,'Waitbar 1', 'Units', 'normalized', 'Position', [0.25 0.4 0.3 0.08]);
set(HWait,'Name','Tests running');
childrenWaitb = get(HWait, 'Children') ;
set(childrenWaitb, 'Position',[10.8000 13.5000 320 9]);


Orion 2016 年 4 月 1 日
Here is one way to do it :
% Create the waitbar
HWait = waitbar(0,'Waitbar 1','Name','Tests running');
% Change the Units Poreperty of the figure and all the children
set(findall(HWait),'Units', 'normalized');
% Change the size of the figure
set(HWait,'Position', [0.25 0.4 0.3 0.08]);
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Oriel Nofekh
Oriel Nofekh 2020 年 1 月 13 日
It worked great, I used it in my code.
Until in R2019b they decided that changing the size of the waitbar after it is created/presented will cause an error.
I'm now trying to find a workaround to this (since I'd like to first create it, then use its default position as a base to changes). Maybe I'll just create a waitbar, take its position value, destroy it and create a new one.


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