Constructing saved file name with variables from code

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Om 2016 年 3 月 17 日
回答済み: Guillaume 2016 年 3 月 17 日
Hi all
I currently have a save command which labels the saved files with a static name which I change each time
If I have variables such as:
k = 1:10
I= 1:5:100
How can I code this so each file name takes this information for the name,
i.e something like
Test_File %datestr(now,30) plus the others.
Thanks for your help!

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Renato Agurto
Renato Agurto 2016 年 3 月 17 日
Do you meansomething like this?
ext = '.mat'; %or .cvs, .xlsx, ...
file_name = ['Test_File_' datestr(now,30) '_' num2str(k) '_' num2str(I) ext];

Guillaume 2016 年 3 月 17 日
I would recommend you use sprintf:
filename = sprintf('Test_File_%s_%d_%d.mat', datestr(now, 30), k, i);


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