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I'm having issues with powerflow in Simpower systems

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Aditya Venkataraman
Aditya Venkataraman 2016 年 1 月 7 日
Hi everyone, I am having some very basic questions in the simulation of a simple 3-bus radial system. This system is shown in Fig. 1 below
My question is why is the power at 'load bus 2' not equal to the value set in the three phase RLC load. My parameters for RLC load are Presistive = 10kW and Pind=1kW. But if I carry out simulation and use the PQ measuring function block, the value I calculate is 8877 kW and inductive power is 1621 kVar. I am using Phasor mode to run the simulation.
Would appreciate any feedback.
PS I have attached the model here for anyone who would like to take a look. For the model, please run R=1440, X=1440.

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