Overall interpretation of multinomial ordinal logistic regression model, and how to improve with more variables bit by bit

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Dhruv Ghulati
Dhruv Ghulati 2015 年 12 月 24 日
I have 3 categories to predict which are ordinal - Dead, Inactive, and Highly Active.
I tried MATLAB's logistic regression with 2 explanatory variables (my aim is to keep building up variables bit by bit to get the strongest model, with the correct variables).
I assumed my response variable was ordinal (3 categories to predict - totally dead, inactive, and highly active) - http://uk.mathworks.com/help/stats/mnrfit.html#btpyj65
y = ordinal(convertednbs.activity,{'Dead','Inactive','Highly Active'});
[B,dev,stats] = mnrfit([convertednbs.artists_paying_for convertednbs.bookmarks]...
pvalues = stats.p;
interpretation = [B(1:2)'; repmat(B(3:end),1,2)];
I get the following for my stats.p (p values for the 2 predictors bookmarks and artists paying for to predict the ordinal "activity" variable):
Does this mean that artists paying for and bookmarks is significant, given that the p values (bottom 2) are tiny? The coefficients that come out are (only bottom two rows, the others are coefficients, but don't understand the matlab explanation to be honest):
-3.84122521578429 2.44911025915193
-0.178107681649582 -0.178107681649582
-0.321731337655824 -0.321731337655824
Am I using the MATLAB logistic function the right way? How can I continue my method to one by one build up a model? There doesn't seem to be a way that shows "I am doing better than a 50/50 coin flip for each variable I include in the model, for predicting inactive, dead and active".

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