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How to extract user entered properties from Simulink Lowpass Filter block?

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My colleague has a simulink model ('DataFiltering') which contains a block called 'Lowpass' where the user can enter values for passband frequency and stopband frequency. From the Matlab command line, I would like to extract those user-entered values (for example, 10Hz) and assign them to a variable in the Matlab workspace. I know I need to use get_params to do it, but that returns a list of 182 parameters and none seem to contain the user-entered values. How can I extract the passband and stopband frequency values?

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Answer by @Johannes on 23 Oct 2015
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Hello, you can try to extrcat the Dialog Parameters of your Lowpass block. Type the following command in your Matlab Command Window.
p = get_param('DataFiltering/Lowpass','DialogParameters')
This will return a list with the parameters of your choosen block. Now you should find your required parameters and you can directly extract them.
More informations about get_param:
Best Regards, Johannes

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Thanks. All a little unfamiliar to a primary Matlab user so I appreciate it!

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