How do I run Matlab from Python, but save figures to a file?

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Tom McGiffen
Tom McGiffen 2015 年 10 月 17 日
コメント済み: Tianya Duan 2020 年 3 月 24 日
I am successfully running Matlab from Python. The Matlab code I have displays 2 figures. Upon running Python, would rather those figures go to a file. Is there a switch, or some such option to get that to happen? Rather not rewrite Matlab code with some sort of Python specific switch.
Thanks, Tom
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Tom McGiffen
Tom McGiffen 2015 年 10 月 19 日
I am calling an existing codebase we do not want to modify... am working a larger project. The existing codebase makes the figures. Want that in stand-alone, don't want it when called externally.


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Bo Li
Bo Li 2015 年 10 月 19 日
There is no such flag. Python Engine allows you to have full control over MATLAB from Python. You can simply save a figure like following example shows:
>>>eng.plot(matlab.double([1,2,3,4])) %create a plot
>>>eng.savefig("foo.fig",nargout=0) %save current figure to "foo.fig"
>>>eng.close() %close current figure
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Bo Li
Bo Li 2015 年 10 月 19 日
You probably can try the start up option "-noFigureWindows" if the purpose is to hide the figure window:
This works on all platforms.


Nicholas G
Nicholas G 2019 年 9 月 18 日
Why the figure turn off automatically after it show up?
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Tianya Duan
Tianya Duan 2020 年 3 月 24 日
I also have this question, do you have solve it?



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