compare values in two workspace ?

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Rakesh Praveen
Rakesh Praveen 2011 年 12 月 3 日
i want to compare arrays of two different size(1 workspace with 1000x1 , other with 900x1) which contains data of type double stored in workspace. so that i check all d elements are equal or not ? how do i do it ?
thank you.


Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 2011 年 12 月 3 日
So the question is just about comparing arrays of different sizes?
Maybe this way
%b(10)=2; %change one element of b so a and b aren't equal
all(a(1:900)==b) %1 if they are equal and 0 if they aren't equal
It just compares the first 900 elements of a with those from b, the last 100 elements of a are just ignored
(I'm back after many weeks :) )
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 2011 年 12 月 3 日
Hi proecsm, thanks for the welcome :)


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