how to retrieval the image from the data base ?

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ganesh  s
ganesh s 2011 年 12 月 1 日
hello sir, i want to retrieve the image from the database by taking some query image.i want to know the algorithm of the image retrieval by taking some query image.for image retrieval i did the following things. 1.extracted the features of the 1000 images by using color correlogram & i have saved this calculated feature. now i want to load this feature & calculate the euclidean of these 1000 images & arrange it in ascending order.the image who's disatance is less is more closer to our qurey image but i dont know how to do it.can anyone knows the algorithm steps of it(i don't know how to arrange the distances of 1000 images in ascending order& how to retrieve the image from the query image by calculating this distances ) . any help will be appreciated thanking you
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Amith Kamath
Amith Kamath 2011 年 12 月 4 日
It would be easier for the community to solve your problems if you show exactly where you're stuck, and send the error messages you're getting as well.


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Seema 2012 年 3 月 21 日
Hi all I have the same problem too. I also want to retrieve the images from the database based on the euclidean distance.
Plz guide me with the steps to proceed. Thanks Seema

Sriharsha 2012 年 3 月 21 日
Apply Principal Component Analysis..(PCA)
Try to apply that algorithm..

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