How to read data as well as string headerlines?

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frewise 2011 年 12 月 1 日
Hi everyone, I have a file containing string and numbers like this
ID height weight score
a 160 80 66
b 165 85 80
c 170 90 67
d 168 61 95
when I tried to read it into matlab, I used
[id,h,w,s]=textread('file','%s %f %f %f','headerlines',1)
which gave 4 vectors and omitted the headerline. I want the headerline also to be read into a vector, anyone knows how to do this?
Thank you, best!


Amith Kamath
Amith Kamath 2011 年 12 月 1 日
a quickfix but dirty solution is to read everything as a string, as
[id,h,w,s]=textread('data','%s %s %s %s')
From the textread function reference at, it is clear that including 'headerlines' in your parameter list ignores the headerline indicated by the number after it.
Using %s for everything stores the data all in cells, which you can convert to what you want later as need be!

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