Several automatic Monte Carlo simulations linked to excel models that change its assumptions for each simulation

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I don't even know if this is possible.
We are running a Monte Carlo simulation on a model built in Matlab. In the beginning we load an excel table with data that is fixed in the simulation. This excel table is linked to dozens of large excel models that are external.
The challenge is, we wish to create maybe 10 or 100 scenarios for the excel models, which will change the table we load into Matlab each time and change the Monte Carlo Simulation. But we want to do this automatically, without us updating the excel values for each scenario, importing the table into matlab and running a different simulation. We wish to have another table with 10 to 100 values for X, and then matlab reads the excel files for each value of X in the excel files, imports the data and runs all Monte Carlo Simulations.
Is it possible?
Thank you very much,

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