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Is there a more effitiant way than 'datenum(n​um2str(FTS​tempIn(:,1​:1))'

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Scragmore 2011 年 11 月 19 日
Profiler is telling me I am spending over 60% of my time running this part of my function, a simple import of data. What I am converting is a number field in MS access from 20111119 to Matlab datenum, I wish to add a second conversion to deal with the time 143000 (14:30:00 HHMMSS). I am currently running this on 150k lines of data. Is there a more efficient way of dealing with these two conversions.
function InstOut = LoadForexData(InstIn)
%%%%Import market data from Quaccess via ticker PK key
% 1 Ticker index ID in need to convert No to string so SQL can Run
% 2 Concatanate SQL query as variable so can be called
% 3 Config DB
% 4 set inport as cellarray
% 5 execute at cursor connnectinon to DB and run SQL
% 6 get data at cursor
% 7 load data at curor into temp varible for further analysis
% 8 load data into second temp variable performing cell to matrix on all
% numerical values and date to number on date format.
% 9 send transformed data to output
% 10 ScoobyDoo ending, raw data to output.
Tik = num2str(InstIn);
ConCatQuery = ['SELECT DISTINCT yyyymmdd,Time,Open,High,Low,Close FROM Forex_GBP_USD WHERE yyyymmdd > (',Tik,')'];
conn = database('Dougy','','');
setdbprefs('DataReturnFormat', 'numeric');
curs = exec(conn, ConCatQuery);
curs = fetch(curs);
FTStempIn = curs.Data;
FTStempOut = [datenum(num2str(FTStempIn(:,1:1)), 'yyyymmdd') FTStempIn(:,3:6)];
InstOut = FTStempOut;
%InstOut = curs.Data;


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2011 年 11 月 19 日
t = FTStempIn(:,1);
hms = repmat([14 30 0],size(t,1),1]);
FTStempOut = datenum([fix(t/10000), fix(mod(t,10000)/100), mod(t,100), hms]); %1000 corrected to 10000
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Scragmore 2011 年 11 月 22 日
Thanks for the explanation I appreciate it. Once I got the logic you used for bypassing num2str I was able to apply to my time cell and include it into the datenum function. Has cut time of function in half.
As an Excell user I was thinking along these lines but was unable to find a simple alternative to excel's left, right and mid functions. I was stuck in string thinking and didn't think math. Thanks


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