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Why are CTRL prefixes still QWERTY when using DVORAK, Matlab 2015.

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With the Dvorak Keyboard, Matlab maps all keystrokes correctly, except those that begin with CTRL.
To reproduce this, open Apple System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources, Choose +, Choose English, and Choose Dvorak (Not QWERTY COMMANDS, LEFT, or RIGHT, just pure Dvorak). Click show input menu in menu bar so you can make sure you are using Dvorak in MATLAB.
Now open MATLAB Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts. In the search bar, try typing the 4 keys under your left hand in the home row (asdf on qwerty, aoeu in dvorak). You should see the letters "aoeu". Now hold Command, and do the same. You should see "⌘A ⌘O ⌘E ⌘U". Now hold CTRL, and do the same. This time, I see "⌃A ⌃S ⌃D ⌃F".
Could someone confirm this behavior, and suggest a complete fix?
The obvious workaround is to just remember to use qwerty for ctrl prefixed commands, and I'm fluent in qwerty too so its only a minor nuisance to remember "CTRL-J" whenever I want to halt execution. Nonetheless I'd rather have the correct behavior I'm accustomed to. This problem is not present in MATLAB 2011.

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